10 Miraculous Places that actually needs Global Attention

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There are many places beautiful and strange sculpture in the world which amaze us t first sight but we never pay a visit to these places. So here, I have collected a list of such places that can make anyone stare at it with an open mouth.

1. Mirror Fountain – USA

This carver is made from stainless steel and rotates 360 degrees making it look like a huge head watching us from every corner, this transformation mirror fountain is attracting many tourists.


2. Penrose Fountain – USA

This beautiful artwork is in downtown Colorado Springs. It seems like the dreamlike movements between the atmosphere and the earth where the tourist love to watch this artwork.


3. Swinging In Heaven – Turkey

People just visit this place only to swing above the clouds. It is the best tourist attraction place. isn’t it lovely?

4.Circle Building – China

Do you know it is the world’s largest centre for raw materials which is mainly located in China?


5. Elephant Rock – Iceland

This may look like a normal rock but if we look from an aerial view we get to see a rock in elephant shape that makes all the travellers witness this marvellous rock.