10 Pictures to Restore Your Faith in Kindness

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Mark Twain has said, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can see,”  “Being Kind to all forms of living things around us is the path to heaven?” said Basvanna, a great philosopher from the 12th century. With this prelude, we have compiled heart touching pictures of kind gestures from various people who are the true twilight to all of us in this society filled with agony and disparity.

No one can stay unhappy when this little girl is around.


In July 1925, Harry Warnecke, a photographer for the New York News, took a photo of a policeman who had stopped the cars to allow a cat and its kittens to cross the street.


An act of kindness in a downpour in China


“My nephew made a friend in just 5 minutes.” All children are born with love in their hearts, and we have to raise them that way too.


These parent birds are saving their baby.