10th Grade Student Impresses Shashi Tharoor With English Words Even He Had Never Heard Of

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When it comes to English, we’ve all felt that one-upping and impressing Shashi Tharoor was impossible. For years, this has been considered as reality.

On many times, the terms this man says have caused us to Google them in order to figure out what the hell he’s talking about.

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However, it appears that someone has accomplished the impossible, impressing Shashi Tharoor with phrases that even he was unaware of. And, according to reports, that person is currently in 10th grade.

The politician recently featured in a show broadcast by RJ Rafi on Club FM, a private FM radio station in Kerala, when he was on a Zoom call with a young girl named Diya.

Diya had apparently messaged him on Facebook earlier, requesting that he pronounce a super-long term. He could only inquire, “Which means?” when she managed to say the tongue twister without difficulty.

She explained that it is the name of a made-up food item. He expressed his admiration by saying, “I am absolutely impressed.” “Remembering and repeating the term is a big deal. It wouldn’t be possible for everyone. She has a strong memory. She has the ability to focus. My advise is to study as many big words as possible.”

This is great stuff.

Yes, God bless.

It won’t be possible, but she can do it.

That’s impressive.

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I’m certain.

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