12 Celebrities Explain How They Stay in Great Shape After 40


Our hormones shift after we turn 40, causing our metabolism to slow down. As we get older, staying fit and healthy becomes more difficult. However, these celebrities have shared their preferred workouts as well as some diet advice.

The Emerging India is thrilled to highlight how these celebs stay in shape.

1. Eva Longoria (47)

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Eva Longoria enjoys working out every day. She mentioned in an interview that she enjoys trampoline workouts because they are low-impact and gentle on her knees. She also claims that it aids lymphatic drainage. She exercises on the trampoline for 30 to 45 minutes each day, followed by weight training.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (49)

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The Rock is open about how hard he works to keep his action hero body in shape. He frequently shares articles on social media. Split training is what Dwayne Johnson performs. On other days, he focuses on different muscle groups.

He concentrates on the back and biceps on Mondays. He’ll work on his shoulders during the week. He’ll return to his back and biceps on Thursdays. Fridays are for chest and tricep exercises, while Saturdays are for leg exercises. On Sundays, he takes a day off and uploads his cheat meals.

3. Jennifer Lopez (52)

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Jennifer Lopez is extremely conscientious about her fitness and health. She prioritises and puts her health first. This applies to everything, including food, sleep, and physical activity. She claims that exercising makes her happy. She always dances, but she also works out with weights like platypus walks, sumo squats, lunges, and pilates.

4. Hilary Swank (47)

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Hilary Swank worked out for 5 hours a day while preparing for her role in Million Dollar Baby, gaining 23 pounds of muscle in the process. She now enjoys working out for pleasure and prefers resistance training. Swank thinks it is one of the finest methods to stay flexible and maintain calcium in our bones.

5. Jason Statham (54)

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Statham incorporates rings throughout his training. In an interview, he stated that there are numerous advantages, including shoulder mobility and useful strength. He loved utilising rings because he could always learn new talents with them, which kept things exciting. The actor used to conduct routine workouts, but now prefers to tailor his routines to his current mood.

6. Halle Berry (55)

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Halle Berry was a gymnast when she was younger. At the age of 22, she was diagnosed with diabetes and claimed it became vital for her to regulate her food and exercise. She works out in a variety of ways, including strength training, martial arts, and yoga.

7. Mark Wahlberg (50)

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Wahlberg is preparing for his next role. He works out five days a week, with Wednesdays and Saturdays off, and prefers to undertake high-intensity interval training. Wahlberg follows a vegetarian diet.
He is a morning person who prefers to work out around 4 a.m.

8. Gabrielle Union (49)

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Gabrielle Union works out three times a week for 50 minutes, the majority of which is spent doing full-body weight training. Each training session includes 6 minutes of cardio in the form of three sets of 2-minute intervals. She explained that she loves to change things up so she doesn’t get bored staring at the treadmill. Jumping jacks, sprinting, side shuffles, the elliptical, the treadmill, or sled pushes are some of Union’s favourite exercises.

9. Kevin Hart (42)

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Kevin Hart has been in films alongside The Rock and Mark Wahlberg, but he likes to work out on his own. His co-stars work on different schedules and have distinct personalities. He is afraid of impressing others and injuring himself if he works out with others. Hart doesn’t try to imitate other people’s workouts, preferring to do what is best for him.

10. Jennifer Aniston (53)

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According to the Friends actor, her mother was a health nut when she was younger, so when she moved out, she rebelled by eating a lot of junk food. But she began to feel bad and became more conscious of what she was eating.

She follows a morning wellness routine that involves walks and feeding her dogs. She also meditates, brews coffee, and keeps a journal. She’ll then take out her phone. She’ll jump rope if she just has 5 minutes, which she claims is a great workout.

11. Hugh Jackman (53)

© thehughjackman/Instagram© thehughjackman/Instagram

Hugh Jackman enjoys going to the gym in the mornings, not just for his physical health but also for his emotional well-being. He claims that as he approaches 40, he must become more disciplined, and that mistakes are no longer tolerated. As an exercise, he enjoys rowing. Rowing, along with some chest workouts and push-ups, is all you need to keep trim and healthy, according to Jackman.

12. Kate Hudson (42)

© katehudson/Instagram© katehudson/Instagram

Kate Hudson believes that wellness is about improving one’s quality of life. It’s important doing what you enjoy, she remarked. You can stay healthy by just going for a walk.

Hudson enjoys intermittent fasting and claims that while it is not for everyone, it helps her maintain her energy levels. She enjoys a range of workouts, including walking, cycling, and pilates. She’ll eat nutritious stuff all day and then reward herself with ice cream, which she enjoys.

What is your favourite form of exercise? How do you stay in shape?

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