A human body is truly a magical creature of the God. If you ever notice your body activities you’ll be amazed that how our nails and hair grow back on their own, how a wound try to heal it at its own and most importantly how you breathe all the time without even knowing. Yes, your body constantly does all necessary activities throughout the day.

But here we have got you some weird yet amazing features about your body, that probably you didn’t know!

1. Ease A Burn With Your Own Body Heat

If your skin gets burned, don’t panic. Just clean the affected area and apply some pressure on it with your sunburned skin, it will reduce the chances of blisters forming.

2. Thinking About S3x Eases Your Need To Pee

If you are at a place with no bathroom and you feel to pee very badly, how will you manage it? Calm down and start thinking about s3x as it eases the need of pee in the human body. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Human Body Connect Smell To Memory

It is one of the amazing features of the human body that it connects smell with memories. A smell is something that a human body can never forget and we humans tend to relate things to their smell.


4. Discover Nerve Pathways To Block Pain

It sounds amazing but yes you can treat various pains just with the help of nerve treatment.

5. Coughing Prevents Pain

Coughing can prevent the minor pain in the human body. It sounds weird but its true.

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6. Your Eyes Never Tells Lie

Human eyes never tell a lie, It sounds filmy yet its one of the amazing features of the human body. Your pupils control the emotions because they are connected to the sympathetic nervous system.


7. Your Left Ear Hears Sharper Than The Right

Left ear of a human body is better at tracking the sound that is coming from a stationary object.

8. Your Body Can Tell You The Weather

This is one of the amazing features that the joints in the human body act according to the weather around. Isn’t it amazing?


9. The Angle Of Body And Heartburn 

You don’t need a medicine to ease your heartburn, just lie on your left side to treat your heartburn.


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10. Eyes Are The Indicators That You Are Too Cold

When you feel cold, hypothermia sets in and your pupils get smaller. You should be careful because this can cause a temporary vision loss.

11. Nose Has A  Strong Memory

It’s really amazing that your nose has a more strong memory than other senses of your body. And you probably didn’t know, a human nose can remember 50,000 different smells at one time.


12. Human Body Probably Has Countless Atoms

This is one of the most amazing features that an adult human body is made of 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms, that is 7×1027, probably countless for you.


13. Smile Is The Best Exercise

A smile is one of the best features of the human body, and you probably didn’t know but your body automatically exercise 36 smiles when you smile. So keep smiling.


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