We are surrounded by amazing things and the world is full of miracles. But we never pay much attention to these things. Sometimes we hear about most weird things but we have never seen them. Many people have interest in finding weird things. People sometimes try to find these things in their backyards.

So today we will show you these 15 weird things that you may have heard about them but never seen!

1. The Gutenberg Bible

This is the Gutenberg Bible. It is also known as 42-line Bible. It is the symbolization of the beginning of the printing industry in Europe. Its first edition was released by Johannes Gutenberg in early 1450s.

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2. Alcatraz

Alcatraz is known as the most famous prison in the world. It is located on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay. In ancient history, it was known that no one can break out of this prison.

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3. The Far Side Of The Moon

This is the far side of the moon. There are many photos which are taken from space but you are not able to see it from Earth. On the Moon’s surface, there are 2 Seas: The Sea Of Moscow and The Sea Of Dreams. Some biggest lunar craters are also located there.

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4. The Computer That Defeated Human In Chess

This may sound weird that it defeated Human in Chess. In 1997, this computer defeated Chess World Champion, Garry Kasparov. This Computer is called Deep Blue.

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5. Mona Lisa

This painting is great as it is shown on TV. The original masterpiece by Louvre is pretty small. It is 30 inches in height and 21 inches in width.

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6. Brick Road Machine

This Brick Road Machine is very useful. It can replace a group of workers and can save a lot of time. It can lay down a wide brick road in a single move.

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7. Sunrise And Sunset At The Same Time

Only some lucky people are able to see Sunrise and Sunset at the same time.

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8. The Appendix

The only thing you know about this part is that if it gets inflamed, it can be removed by Surgeons. It is a wormlike tube coming from the cecum of the large intestine. It is 2-5 inches long in length and its diameter is 6-8mm.

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9. Snake’s Skin

Take a deep look at the shed skin of the snake. It’s real nature’s beauty, Isn’t it?

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10. Underfloor Heating

Here’s the inner structure of Underfloor Heating laying.

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11. One Million Color

In this picture, each color is different in a pixel.

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12. The US—Mexico border through the Algodones Dunes

This is the border between the United States and Mexico. It consists of high and narrow components which go up and down constantly with the Algodones Dunes.

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13. Chinese Curly Chicken

This is Chinese Curly Chicken with its curly furs. It looks beautiful, Isn’t it?

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14. The Hang Nga Guesthouse

It is also known as the CrazyHouse. It is located in Dalat, Vietnam. It is a huge tree decorated with lots of mushrooms, animal skins, giant cobwebs, and caves.

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15. The Crowned Eagle Foot.

This eagle is known as the most dangerous eagle in the world.


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