18 Pictures That Prove Some Parents Are Having a Worse Day Than You


Being a parent may be like riding a rollercoaster: one minute everything is fine, then leave them alone for a few seconds and you’ll have a powder-covered kid. As adults, we can’t understand why your AirPods were buried in the garden or why your car was “painted” with scratches. These youngsters keep us on our toes, and the drama makes for a good laugh when you’ve calmed down.

We chosen to offer some of the most amusing and engaging photographs that, for many of us, wonderfully sum up parenthood.

“Silence is priceless. When you have children, though, quiet is suspect.”

© Omo Kiikan / Twitter.com

“The youngster next door decided to put a rock on my car to make it appear ‘cute.'”

© burd-the-wurd / Reddit

“My kid buried my AirPods in the backyard,” says the mother.

© Limp_Pie1219 / Reddit

“My stockpot was bejewelled by one of the kids.” Thankfully, the heat assisted in the removal of the adhesive.”

© Ok_Cryptographer4827 / Reddit

“‘Children’s horseplay,’ I discovered at my local supermarket.”

© Nicolas-_-Cage / Reddit

The inscription reads, “Children’s horseplay.”
American engineering was ordered as a replacement.


“Sleeping spouse, toddler, Sharpie”

© sneakysneaks_ / Reddit

“Help! My child ripped all of the leaves off of my monstera.”

© c4carmen / Reddit

“Last night, I went to bed and almost had a heart attack. She was adamant that she needed to print something for school. LIAR.”

© MissMalapropos / Reddit

 “My children are animals.”

© Nemesis213 / Reddit

“Today, my niece discovered some scissors.”

© wides6239 / Reddit

“By accident, my brother ripped the handle off. This should be a lot of fun.”

© Urie_Tarded / Reddit

“My daughter sketched a picture for me.” That is, indeed, a home fire. Yes, there are human spirits floating in the sky.”

© DynamiteJade / Reddit

“This is apparently how a 5-year-old opens a fresh loaf of bread.”

© BakkenWindBreaker / Reddit

“I was getting ready to light a fire when I heard my youngest say he was stuck.” This is how I came across him.”

© GreenBaySlacker / Reddit

“I had to go to my son’s (kindergarten) school with a shirt.”

© boozedaily / Reddit

“On the bus, the girl he sat next to brought homemade’slime,’ and the container was opened.” “It’s also picture day,”

“A 3-year-old stomped on my fingertips.”

© Hermit_crabby / Reddit

“‘IT IS NOT PEE,’ I supposedly wrote to my mum in kindergarten.”

© Meg-alomaniac3 / Reddit

Dir (Dear) Mom, my bed is wet, but it is not urine, according to the letter.
Megan’s gift to Mom

“We couldn’t find my brother’s phone yesterday, but we discovered it today.”

© shrekmate21 / Reddit

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen a child do? What sort of pranks would you and your siblings play?

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Preview photo credit Omo Kiikan / Twitter.com