20-Month-Old Daughter Was Caged By A Chinese Father To Get Revenge From Ex-Wife

Chinese Father, Caged ,Revenge , Ex-Wife, Daughter ,

Gone are those days when we were tension free when we left our child with their parents. Nowadays humanity has been lost. Now I am going to share a painful story of an abusive father. This is a story of a Chinese father who caged his 20-month-old daughter to get revenge from his ex-wife, the mother of the baby. From locking the little girl in a dog’s cage and beating her, he just crossed all the limits of violence by behaving inappropriately with his little daughter.

Chinese Father, Caged ,Revenge , Ex-Wife, Daughter ,

The Chinese father hails from Guangdong Province of South China. Xu Ting, his ex-wife claims that she has received a number of pictures from her husband in which she has seen locking their daughter in a cage.

Earlier she also alleged that he used to beat her and she had also reported of domestic abuse to the police.

Chinese Father, Caged ,Revenge , Ex-Wife, Daughter ,

“They said men are stressed and women need to be considerate. The police are men too, so they need to help other men. My husband would often abuse me, and each time I called the police they would give him nothing but criticism and education which is police parlance referring to verbal warnings instead of physical internment,” said his ex-wife while sharing her experience.

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Moreover, she revealed that her ex-husband sent her a picture in which he was stomping on the girl’s head. He also sent another set of photos to his ex-wife, describing the injuries of their daughter.

Chinese Father, Caged ,Revenge , Ex-Wife, Daughter ,

Dreaded with all these cruelties with her daughter and the ignorance of authorities, she decided to raise up the issue on social media.

By now, these pictures are shared by more than 50,000 accounts.

Chinese Father, Caged ,Revenge , Ex-Wife, Daughter ,

Seeing this mass reaction on social media, finally, Chinese authorities started looking into the matter. They have arrested the man and he has accepted caged his daughter as an action to take revenge from his ex-wife.

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