20 People who’ll Simply Provoke You to Laugh Your Socks Off


There are all kinds of people with different characteristics around us whether we like them or not, the grumpy ones, the over-enthusiasts, the annoying chatterbox, and of course the group of people who are just funny and were born to make people laugh. And we are going talk about the latter group in this compilation.

It doesn’t mean that they have the angels of comedy showering blessings upon them. It’s just that they have a way of interpreting things in a comic way that can make people laugh easily. That’s not only the case, sometimes they can be very ironical and sarcastic, which is actually great qualities to match with the funny side.

So, here are the times when the term ‘funny’ really got some justice.

1. This is smart thinking, and of course funny, but very smart!
You never know who’s watching you on the other side, remember Snowden?

2. I don’t know what your sister did to deserve this but it’s laughable.
Those carrots are really good at their game.


3. It’s like he slept on top of a frying in a pan with spiders or something.
Because the other parts of the skin are red and burned.


4. Don’t say lmao too much, it really fell off for her.
Like it’s totally flat and straight.


5. She made a tinder profile as a lamp and there are still creepy men asking to hook up.
Thanks to Joseph, the lamp has a new owner now.