24 Times When Kids’ Drawings Were Unintentionally Inappropriate But Hilarious


Kids’ are funny little beings for a number of reasons, and their questionable drawings ability is just one of them. Kids’ are a constant source of entertainment for everyone. They do certain things that are unintentionally inappropriate and they don’t even know about it. They sometimes make some drawings and when you combine them up with learning how to spell, you get some hilarious results that are inappropriate and we adults will totally get them. Kids’ obviously don’t realize what they’re doing but it would have been awkward when they get to see their drawing some years later.

So we have gathered 24 such unintentionally inappropriate drawings of kids’ that will make you smile and feel a bit awkward!

1.Oh! Dear dad. This was totally unintentional. Your kid was just trying to appreciate and praise you for being the best.

2.The reality of life. Nothing to be ashamed of!

3. Look at it closely. It’s not what you are thinking it is


4. He is just a firefighter! Appreciate this kid, he is thanking them for the things they do to save us.


5. She wants to be like mommy when she grows up


6. What’s exactly was the kid trying to draw on the card. Turned out to be awkward


7.Oh! He loves the bitch. Do you know what that even mean?


8. This is clearly not a pair of scissors


9. This kid drew this little thing on his father’s head


11. Is this s monster or what is this guy trying to do with himself?


12. Detailing is necessary.


13. Oh and we see these girls. Just the girls


14.Seriously? Guy tries to blow a balloon


15.Duck or giraffe or?


16. Who brings such coloring books to a kid


17. It’s deep


18. You should teach your dog some manners.


20. Don’t take me away


21. This kid knows exactly what he is doing


22.Can’t understand it.


23. The card and the letter are beautiful.


24.So much love.

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