Beauty has no outlines! It is full of multifariousness and we, humans should celebrate its diverse nature. After all, it is what makes our world come alive. Similarly, when it comes to the complexion of the human body, color black adds an extra bonus to our looks. It is believed that black women are insanely beautiful. From Janet Jackson to Beyonce world is full of beautiful black women.

Yes, whether it is cinema, fashion, music, sports or television or any other industry, these talented black women has spread their charm everywhere. Here is a tribute to the most beautiful black women in the world, scroll down to have a look at 35 most beautiful dark ladies.

1. Beyonce

2. Nathalie Emmanuel

3. Rihanna


4. Zoe Saldana


5.  Zoe Kravitz

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6. Alicia Keys


7. Cassie

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