6 Complicated And Multi-Layered Love Life Of Aamir Khan


Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their split from one other on Saturday. Aamir and Kiran stated in their statement that they are parting ways after 15 years of marriage. Despite the fact that they are no longer married, they will raise their Azad boy together. On social media, a footage of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s interview has gotten a lot of attention. On social media, the tape from the interview became a popular topic of discussion. They all had different perspectives on the subject, but now that they know the truth, they are all stunned. Of course, that’s Mr. Perfectionist in action for us. His personal life is a shambles.

In today’s world, divorce between husband and wife is rather common, and divorcing each other after a long marriage has become a trend. Many actors and actresses in the Bollywood industry divorce each other after long marriages. Aamir Khan is the most recent addition to this list. We understand that this is his personal problem, but Aamir Khan’s love life is rather complicated. Every aspect of Aamir’s love life is so contentious, from Jessica Hines to Fatima Sana Sheikh.

Let’s take a peek at Aamir’s multi-layered and confusing love life:

1. His first marriage with Reena Dutta

Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta met as neighbours and fell in love. They married on April 18, 1986, and have two children together (Junaid and Ira). Aamir Khan, on the other hand, made news in 2002 when his first wife, Reena Dutta, filed for divorce. According to reports, Reena and Aamir became estranged after meeting Kiran Rao in 2001, and Reena eventually divorced the actor. Aamir, like Kiran, ended his relationship with Reena amicably.


2. His second marriage with Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan initially met Kiran Rao on the sets of the 2001 film Lagaan, when she was one of the film’s assistant directors. After Aamir’s divorce with Reena Dutta, they reunited in 2002. In his interview, Aamir stated that after his divorce, Kiran phoned him and the two had a wonderful conversation, after which he realised he was “glad.” They started dating soon after and spent some time together before marrying on December 28, 2005. Azad, their son, was born in 2011. Until they announced their divorce in 2021, they appeared to be a happy pair.


3. His purported illegitimate child from his relationship with a British journalist

One of Aamir Khan’s significant life controversies. It all began on the sets of Ghulam, where they met and fell in love for the first time. They were blissfully in a live-in relationship. Jessica became pregnant, according to reports, and Aamir advised her to terminate the child or end their relationship. However, she chose to end the relationship and gave birth to a lovely baby boy named Jaan in 2003.


4. The rumoured affair between Aamir Khan and Pooja Bhatt

The rumoured romance between Aamir Khan and Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, Pooja Bhatt, was short-lived. Although their love blossomed on the sets of the film Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi, the two never announced their relationship. However, later on, due to differences, they parted ways.


5. Aamir Khan and Preity Zinta’s rumoured romance

When Dil Chahta Hai was released in theatres in 2001, the plot of the film was overshadowed by rumours that the couple had secretly married and were now hiding it. The chemistry between Aamir and Preity in the film sparked rumours and drew a lot of attention. It was all rumoured shortly after Aamir’s divorce from Reena Dutta. However, neither of them accepted their rumoured relationship.


6. Aamir Khan’s rumoured affair with Fatima Sana Sheikh

When Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their divorce, another actress, Fatima Sana Sheikh, became a social media sensation. It was all because many internet users speculated that they had affairs during the filming of Dangal, in which she played his daughter. Not only that, but they also attended a lot of parties and events together. When Aamir Khan urged Aditya Chopra to cast Sana Sheikh in the film Thugs of Hindostan, the rumours grew louder. Even Katrina Kaif, who also stars in the film, has reservations about it. These rumours are so serious that Kiran Rao became enraged after hearing about them.