7 Flawless Beauties In Philippines Proves Age Is Just A Number

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Whoever believes beauty and hotness fades with age must not have known about these flawless beauties from the Philippines. These stunning ladies through their hot and well-maintained bodies are proving that age is nothing but a number. One can not define beauty in the parameters of age and these ladies are a proof for that. All these 7 flawless beauties from the Philippines are in their mid-40s but are often misguided as millennials. And no one is to blame because these ladies look actually very young.

Flawless Beauties In Their Mid 40s Defying Age As No One Else!

1.Angel Aquino

Angel Aquino is a fashion model and about 45 years old but doesn’t look a day over 25. Her well-maintained physique and stunning looks may fool you into thinking she is still in her 20s.


2. Alice Dixson

Even being 49 years old, this gorgeous woman knows exactly how to carry herself and she is also counted amongst the sexiest celebrities of the country.


3. Dawn Zulueta

Dawn Zulueta is a television presenter and host. She is the perfect definition of beauty, youthfulness, and hotness. She is 49 years old and still holds the ability to beat any model in her 20s.


4. Lucy Torres-Gomez

Lucy Torres-Gomez defines beauty and calmness like no other. The 44-Year-old star is known for her sweet soothing voice as well as her gorgeousness.