9 Happy Family Rules That Never Work

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When any close one of our get married, we give him a lot of advice and ideas that make happy family life: advice are like what to do, when and how to do it, and what you definitely shouldn’t do.

Here Are 9 Happy Family Rules That Never Work At all!

Never lie to your partner

Probably you must have heard this from anyone for sure but do you know? People who advise this to you “to never lie to your partner” probably don’t follow this rule themselves. The truth is Everyone lies —and that’s a human nature by default. Staying silent and leaving things unsaid also counts as lying. Just imagine how much irritation you could both avoid if you don’t bring up all the little details at those moments when it won’t actually help to do so.


Be a weak woman for your strong man

The urge to occasionally behave like a “weak woman” for your man can unintentionally turn into an excessive degree of infantile behaviour. Remember — you married your partner as an equal. Don’t turn into a capricious child; be yourself.


Don’t use sex as a way to make up

You might sulk for a long time over a trifling matter, but you can “make up” in a way you enjoy. The reasons for conflicts in relationships, after all, can appear out of thin air — and this is a good way to let such petty squabbles go. Don’t pretend it doesn’t do the trick!