Ajay Devgn Shared Kajol’s WhatsApp Number. Twitter Trolled Him Badly


Sometimes celebrities too create blunders that become a regret for them for the rest of their life may be. Something similar happened with Ajay Devgn today that you won’t believe it.

Normally, it’s not a cake walk to get any celebrity’s number easily. Fans keep waiting for such chance to get that and today, Devgn gave them one.

Well, he unintentionally shared Kajol’s WhatsApp number on Twitter and got himself trolled. He shared a tweet, which appeared more like a DM. In that, he wrote, “Kajol not in the country.. co-ordinate with her on WhatsApp **********.”

As soon as this tweet got viral, people started slamming the actor left and right. Some thought that he has tweeted after eating gutkha. On the other hand, some asked him to share other actresses’ number.

Here is the screenshot;

Here are some hilarious replies;

Waiting for her reply!


Shame on you!

Kamm khaya karo!

This is Twitter!


Disha ka number?

Hope Kajol doesn’t school him once she’s back. She must have received too many messages by now.