Alia Bhatt & Paragliding Sensation Vipin Sahu Recreates Viral ‘Land Kara De’ Video Ad, Get Trolled


Vipin Sahu, a reality show contestant and blogger, catapulted to prominence in 2019 after his paragliding video ‘Land kara de’ went viral. His reactions and lines went viral and became meme fodder. The viral video has now been made into a commercial starring Alia Bhatt.

Vipin recreates the famous video for a chocolate brand commercial, but this time with Alia as his instructor, who appears to have a remedy for his worries. He even uploaded the footage on social media, but it appears that some internet users were not impressed. To learn more, continue reading.

Vipin Sahu is seen paragliding while filming a video with a selfie stick in the commercial. He also repeats (with minimal adjustments) the identical phrases from his original video, which went viral in 2019. “It’s foggy all around,” Vipin added. I was insane for coming here.” The teacher for this ride is then revealed to be Alia Bhatt.

“I don’t want a long ride,” Vipin continues. “Bhai 500 zyada le le par land kara de,” Alia says as she pulls a Perk chocolate bar from her bag and delivers it to him. He is then seen casually enjoying the chocolate. “Who Said A Meme Can’t Achieve the Heights?” Vipin captioned the video on Instagram. Who said a meme only lasts 1 to 2 months? Shooting with @aliaabhatt and breaking all the bakwas stereotypes.”

Alia Bhatt and Cadbury were also praised by Vipin Sahu for the opportunity. “Thank you for this fantastic chance, @cadburyperkindia.” And by shooting you, @aliaabhatt, I almost had a dream life. I become nervous in the first shot because I can’t imagine the two of us sitting down and having a conversation one day,” he stated. Watch the following video:

Some people admired the work that went into replicating the iconic video, while others did not. “Looks like you landed in a fantastic spot,” one user said, while another added, “great replacement of Jagga Bhai.” “Are nahi yaaar,” wrote a third user. Mara ye konsa duplicating dialogue. “Pagal nahi yaar, shabd hi mast lagta hai” “Pagl yeh mad*rch*d nhi tha kya,” said a fourth user.

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