An ‘Untouchable’ From India Fell In Love With An Aristocrat And This Truthful Story Reveals The Secret Of Endless Love


When hearing captivating stories about love, many of us sigh and say, “This is something that can only happen in movies,” because the majority of great declarations of love aren’t usually an everyday thing. The hero of this article proved with his beautiful and fearless act of love that there is a place for real love in this world.

How it all started

The story of the love between Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin began way before their first meeting. In India, where Pradyumna was born, families are accustomed to visiting an astrologist when a child is born. The astrologist predicted that despite tradition, the child would marry an aristocrat from a far-away country who was born under the sign of Taurus, was able to play the flute and possessed a great amount of forest land.

Their meeting

Pradyumna had a difficult childhood as he belonged to the lowest caste of untouchability of Indian society. “I was treated worse than stray dogs and cattle.” Pradyumna remembers, “When I passed by a temple, people threw rocks at me.”

During his youth, Pradyumna drew portraits on the streets of Delhi where he encountered Charlotte Von Schedvin, a Swedish tourist. He remembered his prediction at once and began asking her questions while drawing her portrait. What was her Zodiac sign? Taurus. Did she play the flute? Yes, flute and piano. It also turned out that her family owned forest lands. This part of the prediction also turned out to be true. “It all fits,” Pradyumna said, “you are meant to be my wife.”

After that, the couple became involved romantically and they soon got married in Pradyumna’s village in line with local tradition.