Are Arranged Marriages Romantic? This Thread Has Got All Of Twitter Debating On It


Jodiyan toh uparwala banata hai, marriages are made in paradise. How many times have you heard these words? As we enter our twenties, the entire world is concerned about our marriage. Marriage and love are so hot right now that they’ll never go out of style. While some people may require Sima Taparia’s presence in their lives, others may prefer to date her. But, hold on a second, why am I telling you all of this?


This Twitter user, for example, discusses how planned marriages are nothing more than a set-up between two families. Who doesn’t want two people to fall in love and call it fate?

One Twitter user shared their thoughts on the truth of arranged marriages, as well as whether or not they are based on love or destiny.

The statement sparked a flurry of emotions, with Twitter users debating whether or not the remarks were true. Let us examine what Netizens have to say about this argument, which may never end.

Whatever happens, I pray we all meet the person we deserve.