Artist’s 20+ Simple Yet Powerful Illustrations Will Make You Think


There are all kinds of people and fate (or something else!) brings even the weirdest couple together. Like Cola and Mentos. Okay, so there are better pairings to mention out there, but you see, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. We all face all kinds of, excuse me, shits and craps. People throw us lemons all the time and I can’t blame you for hating lemon juice by now. But, you know, maybe it’s up to how we perceive them. We thought they were lemons all the time when in reality there are always apples, watermelons, and other happy things if we only notice them. If we take just a moment to walk away from the awful things we’ve been dwelling in, we might just be able to become a better person.

Venezuelan artist Maria Guadarrama, currently living in Santiago, Chile, she depicts the sad reality about the things have gone in her homeland. She Said “It makes me feel hopeless and frustrated, especially when I think of my parents who are still living there,” she told us. “When I was in Venezuela, I worked for one of the most important newspapers there. But since the people who owned the newspaper were from the government, they were very specific about the subjects I was allowed to draw. I couldn’t draw about politics or migration or economy.”

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Check out some of her powerful Illustrations below!