You must have come across popular dancing uncle who has made huge fans all around the country with his moves so far. I am talking about the video of Mr Sanjeev Shrivastava dancing at a wedding has gone viral on social media, after seeing the response, he made a profile on Twitter which has over 4.3K followers in just a few days only.

campaign, Bajaj Allianz , Dancing Uncle, Sanjeev Shrivastava

So far many of us have loved his moves and his popularity has now started to attract brands too. Bajaj Allianz has featured him in the latest video showing how their policyholders are feeling after receiving the 2017-18 bonus. A video has been released on social media platforms in which Sanjeev has danced on Bajaj Allianz Life’s new jingleSamjho Ho Gaya’.

Check Out the video Here:

Karthik Srinivasan, on digital/social media marketing & PR, catch this as a good opportunity for Sanjeev and he has written on this on his LinkedIn profile as well which reads:

“He may not be owning multi-million followers on social media accounts, but he is a visible, popular face right now with a legitimate talent. And, given his age profile and Bhopal base, he could be a fantastic fit for many brands that target either region-wise or age-wise. Hope it happens. He sure deserves the fame,”

campaign, Bajaj Allianz , Dancing Uncle, Sanjeev Shrivastava

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Bajaj Allianz has played smartly and has used Shrivastava’s popularity to share the new philosophy #LifeGoalsDone. Chandramohan Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company confessed to this idea and said “Sanjeev evokes our brand values of optimism, confidence, and youthfulness. The idea emanates from our belief that life insurance is about enabling our policyholders to live life to the fullest and help them achieve their life goals.”

campaign, Bajaj Allianz , Dancing Uncle, Sanjeev Shrivastava

Brands these days know how to take the advantage of such situations and a similar thing happened when Priya Prakash Varrier the winking girl got popular overnight on the internet and everyone was speaking about her. Few brands made use of her popularity but the question arises is that how these internet sensations can help in brand promotion for a longer period of time. Also, is it really worth to back someone only for one or two ads?

It will be interesting to see how brands use the virality of this Dancing Uncle to promote their products and services.

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