There are some beautiful women who play sports but some of them work as officials in the matches. Women are the most attractive thing in the universe. Here you will see some of the popular and hottest female sports referees. According to a survey by a sports magazine last year in 2017, almost (25%) models turning them to referees jobs. Here are the 10 most beautiful and hottest referees we selected from different sports.

#1. Proletina Velichkova: Snooker Referee (Bulgaria)

Proletina Velichkova is currently the most active snooker referee. She rises to fame from her debut tournament as a professional referee in 2012 (Bulgaria Open).

#2. Aurélie Sarà Bollier: Football Referee (Switzerland)

Talking about female soccer referees (Aurélie Sarà Bollier) is among one of them. She is beautiful and currently a full-time referee in (Switzerland Amateur league).

#3. Desislava Bozhilova: Snooker Referee (Bulgaria)

Another girl from Bulgaria (Desislava Bozhilova) who attracted allot of snooker fans towards her good looks. She made her debut as a professional referee from (Bulgaria Open) in 2012. She is currently 25 year old and making appearances as an official in a number of snooker tournaments and events.

#4. Maira Americano: Football Referee (Italy)

A number of girls start getting attracted towards sports jobs one of the examples is (Maira Americano). She was seen in a couple of football matches in Brazil as a line judge.

#5. Josefin Dahlbäck: Tennis Referee (Denmark)

Josefin Dahlbäck is currently the most beautiful line judge in tennis. Her fan following on social media increase after getting famous for her job in tennis as an official line judge.

#6. Elena Tambini: Football Referee (Brazil)

There is a model who turned professional referee one example is (Elena Tambani) who is currently a full-time referee in (minor football leagues) in Italy. She rises to fame after been working as an official referee in football.

#7. Lauren Holtkamp: NBA Referee (United States)

Lauren Holtkamp who recently become the full-time referee in (NBA league). But before becoming professional official in the league she completes her tenure period of five years at (NBA Development League seasons).

#8. Brigitte Tyler: Rugby Referee (New Zealand)

Brigitte Tyler becomes the first professional female referee who later is part of New Zealand rugby league match officials team. Her biggest achievement is when selected for the (Women’s Sevens Exhibition Game). Tyler becomes the first female to hold the official job in the HBSC World Men’s Sevens Series match.

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