‘Don’t Believe I’m Sick?’ People Are Praising The Way This Employee Gets Revenge On Her Manager

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A good leader has their employees interest at heart besides striving to achieve the Organizational objectives. But when you meet a manager from hell, then things don’t go so well- hence the name. One such manager had treated an employee unprofessionally and luckily Karma was nearby to dispense swift justice.

Sarah, an employee at a DIY orange store had called in sick, but her boss made her come in regardless. After being reminded of the company’s absence policy, she got afraid of the possible consequences and reported to work anyway. Her colleagues, however, noticed something wasn’t right and that was when things got interesting. There was vomit all over, a mop involved and even a warning letter for the disgraced manager. As you guessed, Sarah was driven home by her colleague. Scroll down to see how it all unfolded.

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