Bipasha Basu has to pay Rs 20 Lakh compensation or face legal action

TEI Team


Bipasha Basu has been in news for all the wrong reason. As per information, Bipasha was supposed to walk the ramp at a Fashion Show organized in London, but for some reason, the lady backed out at the last minute. Since then the organizers have been accusing her of being unprofessional.

The spat between them reached to a next level and then Bipasha had to come out and write an open letter to stating that all the allegations are false. But despite this, the organizers refuse to budge from their stand.

As per the information, the organizers are planning to take legal action against the actress. Bipasha’s sudden exit from the Fashion Show caused a great amount of loss to the organizers and hence, their stand to take the legal action.

The show coordinators, Gurbani Kaur and Anita Sharma Rekhi, informed a leading entertainment portal that Bipasha Basu has only two choices, either she compensates for their loss or suffers legal action. Gurbani was quoted saying, “Bipasha has to compensate us with 25,000 pounds (approximately Rs 20 Lakh) which are our calculated loss. If she fails to do so, I will take legal action against her.”


Adding to this, Anita Sharma Rekhi stated, “We have suffered not only monetary loss but her open letter defames us and we might even lose our reputation. We went out of our way to give her everything that she desired. Her claims of getting bullied are all rubbish. In fact, it was we who were bullied by a celebrity. She was extremely unprofessional and unethical in her commitment.”

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