10 Fantastic Bollywood Films That Were Left Alone & Thankfully No One Dared To Remake Them

Photo: © Eros International (Main Image)

When nothing else seems to work, production studios pick up ancient scripts and bring in millennial performers to recreate old movies. Not to mention how each and every old song is being restocked and reworked. With originality being suffocated, there are some films that should never be reproduced and should be considered sacrilegious even to consider doing so. Here are ten classic Hindi films that we’re delighted didn’t get remade:


So many actors and directors have tried to imitate Raj and Simran in their films, and while Jab We Met comes the closest to a similar love story, DDLJ is an iconic film that will never be replicated. Not even if SRK and Kajol star in it.

2. The Lunchbox 

The lovely ‘purane zamane ka pyar’ scene in the film, in which a connection blossoms between two people who have never met, feels so new, as if someone had just made you sizzling hot paranthas with home-made achaar and chai on a rainy day.

3. Sadma 

No one, in my opinion, can do what Kamal Hassan and Sridevi did with this film, which is one of the most tragic films of all time. The final scene’s sadness is so real that it breaks your heart every time you watch it. Remaking this would be a heinous crime.

4. Dil Chahta Hai 

For all of us 90s kids, this is probably how puberty is defined. The only film you may enjoy with your lover, friends, or family, or simply by yourself. It taught us how friendship and love are genuinely defined, as well as how friends can drift apart only to reunite again. This is a public service announcement to never attempt to make this film again.

5. Rockstar 

This story will most likely be described as poetic, heartbreakingly beautiful, and cathartic. The music, acting, direction, and storyline are all exceptional, making it nearly hard for even Imtiaz Ali to replicate it. Look what happened when he tried it with Love Aaj Kal.

6. Chupke Chupke 

This film is like a typical khichdi meal that may be enjoyed on any given day. It will do its job whether you eat it on a sick day or add a dash of ‘tadka’ to it on a wet day. Similarly, Sharmila Tagore and Dharmendra feature in this timeless comedy of errors that never fails to entertain. It’s a good thing no one tried to recreate it.

7. Bombay 

This film was like a history lecture with great cinematography all rolled into one. Not to mention everyone in the film’s outstanding acting. We got lucky since there was no millennial director interested in doing this again.

8. Queen –

There’s a reason why this low-budget picture won so many prizes throughout the world and was equally adored by Indians and non-Indians. The film depicts the importance of moving on in life and the importance of heart liberation, with’self love’ being the only true love.

9. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani 

Bunny and Naina’s journey may appear to be a typical love story, but the overall vibe of friendship, romance, independence, and coming-of-age all rolled into one film is what makes it so unique.

10. Chak De! India 

You can’t remember a single time when we won a cricket match and this song wasn’t played, can you? While sports biopics appear to be the rage in Bollywood these days, coach Kabir Khan’s grace is unrivalled in the ’70 minute speech.’ There is no way to remake this film.