Here’s How Arjun Kapoor Reacted When Trolls Called Him ‘Boney Ka Launda’


Discrimination debate created a stir in Bollywood ever since actress Kangana Ranaut talked about it on Karan Johar’s show. And now it seems that that discrimination debate will go on Twitter. Actor Arjun Kapoor has now found himself the victim of nepotism.

Soon a few days after the release of the trailer of Half Girlfriend, Twitterati was filled with trolls about lead actor of the movie, Arjun Kapoor. A spoof video was released which referred the actor as ‘Boney Ka Luanda’. The video has now gone viral. Many believe that the success of Arjun Kapoor is due to his father, veteran producer Boney Kapoor.

But it seems that all this fuss does not affect Arjun in any way. Rather than being upset or getting angry on all this, he is happy with the nickname. “I am very proud to be Boney Ka Luanda.

Why should I be apologetic about being such an amazing man’s son? If it makes a few people laugh, so be it. It is somebody else’s thoughts on me. I never flaunt his [father’s] tag. I never proclaim whose son I am, nor am I doing all my films with him. People are pigeonholing me for humour; I am fine with that. Aaj yeh bolenge, kal kuchh aur bolenge,” said the Gunday actor.Also, Read Facebook Parody Page ‘Bombay High Court’ Gets In Legal Trouble With The Actual High Court

He also quoted lines from the hit ’70s song, Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna and said that he is ‘chilled about criticism’. He further added that such criticism would have mattered to him if he did not have so many successful movies at the box office. Also, Read  INDIA Indian Army Gets Green Signal To Avenge The Brutal Beheading Of Jawans By Pak Army