There could be major political gaps right now between India and Pakistan. Yet people from both countries have common origins and culture. There was a great upheaval in the divided countries during the partition of 1947. People on both sides faced a lot of hell problems when moving from one side to the other.

While we know many people around us who have their roots in the area we now call Pakistan, many neighboring country Bollywood stars also have roots.

Today we are going to talk about those actors from Bollywood who have had their origins in Pakistan and their ancestral houses there.

1. Dev Anand’s House

Dev Anand was born in Shakargarh and his family moved to Lahore from there. Dev Anand still saw Lahore as a big part of his life because he had spent his teenage days there. He also graduated from the Government College in Lahore in English.

Dev Anand paid a visit to his ancestral home in Lahore in 1999.

2. Rajesh Khanna’s House

Rajesh Khanna is said to have been born in Amritsar , Punjab but some reports say he was born in Burewala, Pakistan instead.

The first headmaster of MC School, Burewala, was reportedly his father Lala Hiranand Khanna. It was in 1948 that Hiranand Khanna and his family migrated to Amritsar.

3. Sanjay Dutt’s House

Sanjay Dutt ‘s father, Sunil Dutt, was raised in Jhelum, and the ancestors of Mother Nargis Dutt were also based in Rawalpindi , Pakistan. In the early 1940s Sunil Dutt had moved to India but his ancestral home in Pak still stands high.

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