Bullies Make Fun Woman Trying To Lose Weight In Gym, So This Random Stranger Avenges Her


With the new year comes people with New Year’s resolution who want to make 2019 a different year for them. A better year where they promised themselves better diet, less junk food and more hitting the gym to get in shape and burn all those extra calories. But it’s not easy when everyone, which includes those who have been going to the gym for a couple of years, has a group of friend as well as possess a hot body, start snickering and shoots judgmental looks at you.

Hey, just because a lot of people failed on their New Year’s resolution, doesn’t mean every single one of them will. Is it that hard to welcome a new member who could possibly be your best friend the next week? But that is exactly what happened to this woman who was trying to cut some fat after following her doctor’s advice. And here comes the sweating hero in rescue, dumping the bullies under the ban list for body-shaming the woman.

Preview photo: Shutterstock / Morakot Kawinchan

So when somebody turned to Reddit for advice to help the newcomers adapt to the gym environment with the minimum of fuss, there were plenty of useful tips to make everyone’s life a bit easier. One story stuck out above the rest, however, because it shows the importance of understanding and empathy. Sure, that novice doing endless curls at the squat machine might be a bit annoying right now, but that was you once upon a time. What people need in an intimidating new environment are encouragement and support!