Class 12 Student Shot His Principal By Firing Three Bullets.

superintendent of schools , hospital, bullets

We are literally residing in a “Ghor Kalyug”! where violence has become almost an everyday things. Now the time has come that even school students have started turning into cruel murderers.

A class 12th guy who has just turned 18 shot his school principal in Yamunanagar (Haryana), India.

The student had a loaded licensed gun and he killed the principal by firing three times after reaching directly into in her office.

superintendent of schools , hospital, bullets

The Superintendent of Police, Yamuna Nagar, Rajesh Kalia told The Hindu

“Three bullets hit the principal. While one bullet each hit her on the face and the arm, the third bullet that took her life hit her in the chest. She later succumbed to her injuries in hospital.”

According to the police information given to Hindustan instances, the boy entered his school i.e. Swami Vivekananda Public school while a parent-teacher meeting was going on around 10.30 AM on previous Saturday. After entering the school, He directly entered into principal Ritu Chhabra’s office and asked her to accept his project report.

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When she refused to take his project report, he fired bullets at her. She died at a private hospital around 2 PM.

Reportedly, the student had entered with his face covered and tried to escape after shooting her. However, he was overpowered by the guards and parents present there and was later arrested by the police.

superintendent of schools , hospital, bullets


Talking with HT, Rajesh Kalia told

“The boy was not good at studies and alleged that the principal used to punish him in front of fellow students over his poor performance and low attendance.”


The officer added

“He had been warned thrice that he won’t be able to write his pre-board examination because of low attendance. He hadn’t attended school for the past four days.”

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When the boy was asked about the reason, he said: “she tortured me”.

The Boy has also told to the police that he took the loaded revolver of his father by breaking an almirah in his home. The father who was also arrested and charged under the arms act told that he didn’t know anything about his son’s performance in school.

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