While We Complain About Lack Of Comfort, Here’s What Rest Time Looks Like For Our Soldiers

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India’s BSF (Border Security Force) is the largest border safeguarding force in the world, and for many years they have played an indispensable role in assuring the security and uprightness of the nation.

They train them hell a lot hard and long to become the dangerous and fearful force they are and in the process, they don’t certainly get sufficient time or place to rest.

In a picture that’s being viral on Twitter, at least 15 BSF jawans – along with their backpacks – can be seen confined into a tent meant for maybe 5-8 people.






Seriously, Hats off to these BSF men who work so hard without lamenting about the lack of amenities. Their devotion, enthusiasm and energy are praiseworthy, and this image might act as a good warning for all of us the next time we cry about not having ‘enough’ of stuff.

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