Women Dating For 2 Years Find Out They’re Half-sisters, Continue Dating


Most people would break up with their long-term relationship relatively quickly if they found out they might be related to them, even distantly.

The idea that Carley and Mercedes, of TikTok and Only_Fans fame, had the same father, however, doesn’t seem to be enough to convince them to end their relationship.

The couple recently asked the question “should we take a DNA test?” in a TikTok video that they shared with their 560,000 fans.

With over 6 million views as of this writing, it has undoubtedly sparked discussion and scepticism online.

“When you find out two years into dating that your mom slept with the same person,” the caption above the couple in the TikTok video reads.

The ‘Carleyandmercedes’ account then poses the following query to its followers: ‘If we’re genuinely related, is it wrong to stay together?’ in the section for comments.

The overwhelming majority of their supporters came to a definite and resolute “no” in answer.

Many users urged the couple to take a DNA test to see whether they are indeed related in an effort to find out.

One said, “Take one right now,” and Carley and Mercedes said, “We’re terrified.”

Carley and Mercedes in the now-viral video. Credit: @carleyandmercedes/TikTok

Before reading the text, I assumed you were sisters because I don’t know who you guys are, another person remarked.

Another TikTok member said, “That could explain why you two seem like sisters.” “Am I the only one who believes that it doesn’t matter what the results are?” A separate person responded. They continued, “At that moment, blissful ignorance will go a long way.

By creating an account on Only_Fans with the rather nasty pseudonym @Notyouraveragesisters, Carley and Mercedes have already profited from the ambiguity of their relationship.

The two gave their confused viewers an update in a more recent TikTok video posted over the weekend, stating that they have since requested DNA testing, which have not yet arrived.

TikTok stars – and ‘step-siblings’ – Diana and Jordie. Credit: TikTok/@alphafamilia

They’re not the only couple to see such success on TikTok, though.

Diana Camila Avila and Jordie Vena first gained attention in 2020 for dating despite being “step-siblings.”

The duo started out pretty much like any other couple attempting to get popular on TikTok, posting videos of themselves dancing, dressing up, and doing comedic skits about their love. However, when they eventually admitted that they are step-siblings, they made quite a commotion.

In 2020, Diana claimed in an interview with LADbible: “We have been dating for three years despite having met six years prior. We were introduced by our parents.”

She continued by saying that although it was “love at first sight,” they both kept their sentiments to themselves due to how they met.