Couple Who Served in WWII Together, Married for Seven Decades, Pass Away on Same Day


Nowadays you must have been seen that relationships don’t work well for a long period of time. But, some love stories are a true inspiration for their whole nation or may be more than that they make us believe that true love exists. They help to restore our faith in love and commitment.

Well, long term and successful relationships require many things apart from love only. Long lasting true love happens when two people make a commitment to each other and choose to act in ways that support their feelings for each other and their connection to each other over time.

This story is a true example of true love that endured for seven decades and will surely melt your heart:

Preble Staver who born on October 17, 1921, met with Isabell Whitney while studying in Philadelphia. Isabell Whitney was born on October 31 of the same year. They met with each other on a blind date. Since day one, they both knew that they are destined to be together.

They both decided to join for the Second World War when the US entered it. Preble joined as a Marine and ended up receiving a bronze star while Isabell was a Navy nurse in Maryland. After five months when the war ended, they reunited and married on February 15, 1946.

After the war, Preble worked as a lobbyist and banker, so they had to travel a lot around US places. Their life was full of love and joy. Preble was a tall and kind man while Isabell was a kind and compassionate person. They had 5 children in total.

Their son Peter died during the football game of his high school senior year in 1975. Something like this can tear a couple apart, but they made a pact to get through it together. They both supported each other in this tough time.

Afterward, life brought various challenges for them and in 2013 Isabell started showing dementia signs.

Due to this, they had to move into a long term care facility in Norfolk, Virginia. There stayed there but slept in different rooms. This was a hard time for them. But they just found another way to express their love. When they used to meet there, the first thing they’d do was put their hand out and hold each other’s hand and tell each other they loved each other.

On his 96th birthday, Preble expressed his one last wish to have one more nap with his wife.

His wish was fulfilled and the couple had 3 hours for a nap.

After several days, Isabell passed away on October 25, 2017, and after 14 hours Preble died too.

After their long-lasting love of 71 years, this was the end of their amazing life together but their love left an unforgettable mark in the lives of all people who met them.

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