This Guy Is Going To Serve Free Chai To All Singles In Ahmedabad On Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is near and all the couples out there are so happy about this but it is not the sweetest day of the year for all but it may be the bitterest day for singles out there. A guy, Prafull Billore, runs a popular tea shop called MBA Chai Wala has planned to serve free Chai to all the singles on Valentine’s Day. isn’t it happy news for all chai lovers?

People who classify themselves as singles should visit MBA Chai Wala on Valentine’s Day Because they will be served a cup of Chai for free.

Free, Chai, .Valentine’s Day, sweetest , themergingindia, eEmrgin India

They’ve also created Facebook event page called Free Chai For Singles. Description of the event page reads,

This Valentine’s day, MBA Chai Wala will take care of all the singles. Free Chai, lots of love and inspiration. Chalo MBA.

Free, Chai, .Valentine’s Day, sweetest , themergingindia, eEmrgin India

Speaking about the initiative, founder Prafull Billore said,

“Why should couples have all the fun? Singles need pampering too. Hence we’ll be serving free Chai to singles on Valentine’s Day this year.”

This initiative surely looks interesting but the story behind this tea shop is even more interesting.

Praful couldn’t get into Top-B school, so started tea stall called MBA Chai Wala.

After getting Bachelor’s degree, Prafull Billore tried hard to get into top business schools of India for 2 years. After a lot of struggles, he managed to get admission in an MBA college. But eventually dropped out of the course and started a roadside tea stall with an investment of 8000 rupees.

Free, Chai, .Valentine’s Day, sweetest , themergingindia, eEmrgin India

He now successfully runs his tea shop in Vastrapur, one of the busiest areas of Ahmedabad. ‘MBA Chai Wala’ has become a renowned hangout place for youngsters.

If you’re a single from Ahmedabad and not doing anything on Valentine’s Day, head out to MBA Chai Wala between 7 to 10 pm for a free Chai.

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