10+ Everyday English Words That We Mispronounce All The Time!

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Alright, let’s be honest here. English isn’t really our mother-tongue and it’s totally not fair to expect us to know the ten thousand different rules and exceptions the language follows.

We all know that Pronouncing words correctly is the first step in creating a right impression in a front of anyone. Many times it so happens we have been hearing these words pronounced wrong and hence we develop a habit of mispronouncing these words too. Sometimes it can lead to cringe-worthy moments that you would rather forget.

Here are the right pronunciations of these everyday words and you can avoid mispronouncing them.

 #1. Not lingerie as we Indians pronounce.


#2. Not about or bowel!


#3. Maymay is ghastly! It is a sin to pronounce this wrong!


#4. Not tyre, it’s not MRF!

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