You must be knowing the meaning of an Irony! Well, Ferrari describes it better. Imagine you work for Ferrari and all you wait for is worker’s discount but instead, you are banned from buying the company’s cars. Isn’t that very disheartening to even imagine about it?

Ferrari doesn’t have a huge amount of production, unlike other car manufacturers. They only produce 8,000 cars each year and sometimes even consumers have to wait for way too long to get a hand on the luxurious pieces.

In addition to that, they also have limited edition Hypercars that only can be bought by selected customers on an invitation. You have money but still can’t buy one. You think that’s injustice but Ferrari calls it ‘Ferrari Worthy’!

Recently in an interview with Ferrari’s Chief Marketing And Commercial Officer, Enrico Galliera said that the employees are banned from buying Ferrari cars.

Only the company’s Formula 1 drivers are allowed to get these luxuries. Presently only Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are the employees who possess a Ferrari car. But that too they had to buy according to market price without any discounts.

The reason might be clear that with much less production and also customers waiting for long to get a hold it’s against business ethics to let the employees have a car. Exactly what Galliera did say while justifying the terms.

When the new Hypercar, LaFerrari Aperta, was launched on the market, Galliera mailed to some clients that if they are interested in buying this new car without even seeing it. He also clarified that they will have to pay 1.2 million euros along with the taxes. And the clients were interested!

Further commenting on the selection process, Galliera said,

“The most difficult part of my job is to say no… At the very beginning you receive applications from people who do not deserve, they simply have the money. ‘I am the king of something, so I deserve the car. I say ‘Yes, but you are not a Ferrari client.”

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