“Grandchild Or Rs 5 Crore”: Know Why This Old Couple Is Suing Their Son, Daughter-in-law


A couple has filed a court action against their son and daughter-in-law in Uttarakhand, requesting either a grandchild or Rs 5 crore in compensation. That is correct!

The Haridwar parents claimed to have put money into their son’s schooling. They had to take out a loan to construct their home and are now bankrupt.

What old couple said

They’ve now demanded a grandchild within a year or Rs 2.5 million from their son and daughter-in-law. According to ANI, SR Prasad told a court in Uttarakhand on Wednesday, “We only wanted a grandchild.”

After paying for his son’s education and training in America, Prasad claims he has no money left. “We married them in 2016 so that we may have grandchildren. We didn’t care about the gender of the child; all we wanted was a grandchild “According to ANI, Prasad said.

“I gave all of my money to my son and had him trained in America. I’m now cash-strapped. To construct our home, we obtained a bank loan. We’re having financial and personal difficulties. In our plea, we have sought Rs 2.5 crore from both my son and daughter-in-law “Prasad explained.

What advocate said

The case, according to the parents’ lawyer, AK Srivastava, depicts the realities of current society. “We invest in our youngsters, preparing them to work in reputable businesses. Parents owe their children basic financial support. The parents are demanding either a grandchild within a year or Rs 5 crores in compensation “he claimed.