Here’s What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day To Have An Amazing Body


The attraction towards a fit girl is more than a simple pretty girl. Jennifer Lopez is one such woman who succeeds to impress everyone with her stunning fit figure. If you haven’t stalked her on Instagram then you must agree with me on this point. It will leave you astounded that how can someone have such an astonishing body like her abs legs, butt, and arms and that also when someone is of such age. The way how she endures to keep herself so fit and healthy needs a whole lot of hard work and a pretty strict diet.

Freshly she shared a pic of herself celebrating her 49th birthday. She captioned it as “Current birthday situation…yup,” and she looks blissful. Jennifer Lopez has become 49 years old now and her body refuses the fact that she is of 49 years old. Her belly is flat, and she gives us major health goals. If you are eager to know what she eats through the day then here is her diet plan.

Jennifer Lopez never eats processed food. She favours eating organic stuff with a number of veggies like broccoli, peppers, and zucchini drizzled with vinaigrette is a fave, as is kale with broken queso and toasted pumpkin seeds.

For dinner, she favours having protein- “I like pork and chicken, especially Puerto Rican style!” she shared. She stated that she likes it with quinoa or baked yams. As per JLo, she doesn’t see it boring at all and can eat it four times a week. These items are easily available.

It may be extremely easy to go after a pack of Cheez-Its, however, Lopez knows better. “I generally have solid bites, similar to leafy foods, with me,” she revealed to People. At the point when she’s not eating, Lopez has an ordinary show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, she stars in NBC’s police drama Shades of Blue, and she’s a judge on the new move rivalry show World of Dance.

Jennifer Lopez shared that chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies are her two guilty pleasures. JLo never gets involved in anything with other’s option and stated that she doesn’t drink or smoke or have caffeine.

In case she drinks coffee it is continually decaf. The purpose why she doesn’t favour coffee and alcohol is that she wishes to keep her skin healthy along with her body. She succeeds to look 29 despite being 49.

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