The History Of The Bra Is As Long & Complicated As The History Of Women In the World


Over the time period, the bra (or the brassiere) has emerged completely drastically. Differing from the time period and from civilization to civilization, the history of bras is as long and complex as the history of women and their place in this world are.

Ancient Civilization

According to the Huffington PostAncient Egyptian women normally wore garments that displayed bare breasts. But, the ancient Greeks devised a piece of clothing to restrict breasts during physical movement. The garment, a belt worn below and around the breasts, somewhat supported the breasts while also shifting them up and completely revealing them.

The Middle Ages

Bras were only cloth binders designed to squeeze the boobs into appearing smaller. Anyway, the tightness of the dresses back then was more than enough to give the breasts enough support without the help of a binder.

The Renaissance

Abruptly, boobs were back in fashion again! People during the Renaissance were huge fans of cleavage. It became a sign of high status during to show cleavage.

The Victorian Era

Things got a little out of hand in the Victorian Age, with ladies going HAM in the corset department (but returning to higher neckline). Impossible amounts of layers and super tight lacing of corsets created the illusion of extremely tiny waists but was ultimately damaging women’s bodies. Scary signs of declining health like nausea, paleness, dizziness, fainting.