10+ Incredible Facts About Surgical Strikes 2016 By Indian Army

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‘Uri’, the movie, is based on the surgical strikes.

1. ‘Uri’, the film, will not show you every detail related to the surgical strike

The operational details of the strike itself will never be revealed to the public, and whatever is known, though from reliable sources, is only a portion of the entire story.


2. The strikes were carried out by men from the Indian Army’s Para Special Forces Regiment.


3. We will never know the actual name of any of the soldiers or the Major who was decorated with the Kirti Chakra for his gallantry in the surgical strikes

He was at the time the second-in-command 2IC of his Para SF regiment. His name and face will remain classified till the Army wants. It is possible that Vicky Kaushal’s character of Major Vihan Shergill is based on this Major.


4. Three teams were sent for the surgical strikes

Two Colonel-ranked officers were the commanders of the teams that were sent to avenge the terror attack. It is unclear whether they themselves led any of the teams.


5. There were 19 men in the team led by the Major who won the Kirti Chakra. Almost the same number of men were in the other two.