Ira Khan Wearing Bikini In Front Of Dad Aamir Khan and brother started War Between Her Fans & Trolls


Birthdays are intended to be memorable occasions. They’re intended to be days when we have ourselves to ourselves, enjoy the attention, and celebrate ourselves anyway we see fit. And in no way does this imply criticising, condemning, or humiliating someone for doing something that is not only correct for them, but also none of your goddamn concern.

A message we wanted to send to the trolls who chose actor Aamir Khan’s daughter’s birthday as the perfect opportunity to mock her for wearing a bikini.

Ira Khan’s birthday photos have gone popular on the internet, but instead of talking about how pleased she is, people are talking about what clothes she decided to wear in front of her father.

Ira didn’t seem to mind wearing a bikini while cutting the cake and having a good time on her big day, and neither did her father, who was also present.

Some internet users, however, were enraged by her “audacity” and labelled her “indecent.”

“Which Daughter stands next to her father in a bikini?” they wondered. Trust Bollywood to damage your culture and normalise such immorality in the name of progress.”

“Maaasleeems are so oppressed in Mudi’s India that they don’t even have things to wear now,” another wrote. As a society, we are ashamed. Not the India of my childhood…!!”

People seem to believe they have the right to dictate a woman’s life choices, even if she is not connected to them.

Thankfully, the trolls were also called out for their shallow and linear take on life, with comments like “only a filthy sexually frustrated mind can say this” being made.

“This guy is retarded,” another Twitter user responded, “she’s wearing a bikini because her father isn’t like you.” People nowadays are so lowlife.”