Japanese Man Lands On The Sun With A SPF 1000 Sunscreen


A Japanese man With more than 200 tonnes of sunscreen covering his body, Narichi Sukinawa all set a week ago to win the sun, a place that no man had arrived before.

Japan.- Narichi Sukinawa is a Japanese man with a weird disorder that makes him sweat ice, yes you read it right…Ice when the temperature is lower than 20°C, hence he exists with constant shivers making his daily life very complex and tough, and because of this, he determined to go to the hottest place in the solar system: The Sun.

Today, Sukinawa arrived at his goal, because he used 200 tonnes of sunscreen factor 1000 which spread over his body, before leaving in a starship made of Teflon frying pans.

The Japanese man claims that the Sun is not as hot as people think and that it’s possible to live there. “I’m walking over the sun’s surface and I feel a little heat on my feet, the level 100 sunscreen is very effective, I even drank a sip of the sun without burning my throat, I just had to swallow 700 jars of sunscreen, so that my internal organs didn’t burn. Now I’m looking for a place to build my house because I’m not thinking of getting back to earth, where people are cold and off…”.

NASA claims that it’s impossible for a human can live in the sun because there is always daytime and since night doesn’t exist, the person would die due to lack of sleep.

Note: This article is only for entertainment purpose. There is no any reality on this content.