Johnny Depp’s Glamorous Attorney Wins Huge Online Fanbase After She ‘Grilled’ Amber During Trial


Camille Vasquez, 37, is an associate with the firm that represents Johnny Depp and is a part of the actor’s legal team. The brunette had questioned witnesses throughout the trial, but it was when she cross-examined Amber Heard that she drew people’s attention.

Vasquez began the second day of Heard’s cross-examination by questioning her on her statement that Depp violated her with a bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon during a brawl in Australia in March 2015.

“Ms. Heard, you’re the one who assaulted someone with a bottle in Australia, right?” Are you sure you weren’t terrified of him?” Vasquez inquired. “I didn’t assault Johnny in Australia,” Heard responded. I never assaulted Johnny.” Vasquez also forced Heard to reveal that she didn’t follow through on her promise to contribute a portion of her $7 million divorce settlement to the ACLU, and grilled her on whether she had Photoshopped bruises into images of herself.

In another tense moment, Vasquez appeared to poke the actress, implying that Depp had assisted her in landing her position in Aquaman.

POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Vasquez’s near-constant objections made it nearly hard for Heard to speak, just as Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft attempted to deflect the latter. With the hashtag #CamilleVasquez, a TikTok of the moment has received over 17.9 million views on the platform. So far, the attorney has received a lot of accolades, including one from a well-known lawyer who called her “the undisputed star of the trial.”

A video of Vasquez and Depp hugging in court has also gone viral, sparking speculation about her relationship with the accused wife-beater client.


“The people want to know, are you dating Johnny Depp?” a TMZ reporter asked the beauty as she came out of the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse. It’s everywhere on the internet. “Are you able to clear the air, yes or no?” As she laughed, pushed her hair aside, and waved to the spectators outside, the litigator declined to comment. Depp’s admirers, on the other hand, have been praising the lawyer for her efforts defending the Oscar nominee.

Both Depp and Vasquez were observed all grins while making TikToks set to romantic pop music featuring the couple sharing glances, holding hands, and conversing closely; a day later, they were photographed cuddling.


These events elicited a range of reactions online, and fans couldn’t help but share their thoughts. Here’s some evidence:

Regardless, Vasquez was born in July 1984 to Colombian parents Leonel and Marilla Vasquez. Her father used to run a UPS store in Anaheim, which has been a FedEx site for the past ten years. Vasquez earned a bachelor’s degree in arts, communications, and political science from the University of Southern California, where she and her parents dwell in a $1 million mansion in Buena Park.