Kapil Sharma Introduces His Girlfriend On Social Media, Admits Being In Relationship

TEI Team

Usually, celebrities like to keep their personal life under covers. But being a fan, we always have the curiosity to know what is going on in our favourite celebrity’s personal life. Today, while randomly going through this celebrity’s Facebook profile, we got to know something very interesting about him!

We are talking about the king of comedy, Kapil Sharma. Well, this news is shocking! We can’t believe what our eyes just saw! Kapil Sharma is a married man!

Yes, we know this is very sudden and shocking, but it is true. Here is the proof. A few hours ago, Kapil introduced his wife to his fans on Facebook. He shared an adorable picture of his wife along with a funny caption.




Before sharing the big news with his fans, he teased them and tweeted:



After that, he twitted next one


Here is the picture of Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath participated in reality show Hans Baliye, as a couple.



Well, things have changed so much now for him.