This Little Girl’s Dance On Ranveer’s Khalibali Is So Awesome That Even Ranveer Needs To See It

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After much hue and cry, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmaavat” finally hit theatres on 25th January 2018, and received good reviews from the audience as well as critics. As expected, the film is doing good business on the box office and all the lead actors are being acclaimed for wonderful performances.

What’s more, Karni Sena has also withdrawn protest as they watched the flick and observed no objectionable scene among Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji. In fact, they now accept as true with that the film glorifies valour of Rajputs and hence, they have got made up the mind of assisting it to launch in the states where it’s not launched yet.

social media, internet, viral, audience, business, expected, competition

The character of Khilji portrayed by Ranveer Singh is hugely praised by viewers and celebrities alike. To appreciate Ranveer’s brilliant acting skills in the film, Shah Rukh Khan even went on to say that Ranveer is now Khilji for him. We must say that no one could play this character better than him. Agree?

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Khalibali” song from “Padmaavat” featuring Ranveer has gone viral, especially among youths and people are uploading their videos of dance on the track on social media.

social media, internet, viral, audience, business, expected, competition

A video is going viral on YouTube in which a little girl can be seen dancing and giving expressions just like Ranveer has done in the song. The video was uploaded on YouTube on 29th January and ever since, it has been viewed for more than 5 lakh times. She seems to give competition to Ranveer and she’s so flawless that even Ranveer needs to see it.

Isn’t she amazing?

How did you find her? Let us know your views.

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