Man Faces Flak After Proposing To His Girlfriend At Her Father’s Funeral


Proposing to someone needs careful planning and the right timing, but this man chose arguably the worst time to do so: at a funeral.

An internet backlash has erupted after a South African pastor proposed to his girlfriend at her father’s funeral.

M.Mojela can be seen getting down on one knee and asking his tearful girlfriend to marry him during the ceremony in Limpopo province, South Africa, in a video published on TikTok by him.

“At the burial, proposing to the deceased’s daughter.” The description to the video reads, “Wiping the tears here and there.”

The coffin of the woman’s father may be seen in the background of the video.

After realising what is going on, a member of the congregation appears to cry out in amazement. But the pastor didn’t seem to mind because his bold move paid off, as evidenced by the footage of him sliding a ring on the woman’s finger.

The stunt caused controversy among users. “This is incorrect. “Regardless of how you attempt to defend it,” one user said. Another commenter added, “I feel like he should have waited till the funeral was over…how do you rejoice when you are in such deep pain?” “He wanted to do it in front of his late parents, guys.” There’s nothing wrong. “If you’re profoundly spiritual, you’ll get it,” a third user stated. Another user speculated, “Perhaps [his] wish was to propose while his father or mother was still living.”

While the preacher was successful in his attempt, this individual was not so fortunate. A man who proposed to a woman in a packed McDonald’s outlet earlier this month was mortified when she declined. While she was waiting in line at a McDonald’s in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, this man proposed to her.

As the woman orders at the cash register, the male is seen going down on one knee and holding out a ring box. She turns back and shakes her head in surprise after looking at the McDonald’s staff.

People surrounding them clapped and chanted to persuade the woman to accept the proposal, but she had no intention of doing so. The couple then has a heated argument before the woman leaves the shop. The man, embarrassed by the circumstance, picks up his food and walks away.