Man Was Beaten Up By A Mob For Kissing His Own Wife In Ayodhya’s River: Netizens Are Furious


A gang of young guys severely beat a man for reportedly kissing his wife in front of others while taking a bath in the Saryu river in Ayodhya. The incident’s horrific footage has gone popular on social media.

The man is forcibly hauled from the river in the aforementioned footage. A big group overpowers the pair as the wife tries to defend her husband, and the man is then severely beaten.

A police officer revealed to PTI that the incident’s precise date is still uncertain. However, some report that the event happened on Tuesday in Ram ki Paudi Ghat. The police have started looking into the situation.

We are looking into the incident and attempting to track down the couple and the criminals who attacked them.

According to reports, there haven’t been any complaints filed regarding the incident to date. Police are attempting to identify the couple, and if a FIR is filed, they will be prepared to take the appropriate legal action.

These are the reactions of Twitter users that regretted the situation.