Mia Khalifa Apologized To A School Girl Who Said She Was Often Compared To Her When She Wore Glasses


On TikTok, a craze started with the lyrics of Cage the Elephant’s song “Cigarette Daydreams.” Teens tell a story about a time in their lives when they were se*ualized at a young age or put in a position that made them yearn to grow up rapidly as the music plays in the background.

A video by user @oreo milkshake became viral among the masses, sparking heated debate on TikTok. “I can’t wear my glasses because the high school males constantly telling me I look like Mia Khalifa with them, and it makes me uncomfortable,” the TikToker, who claimed to be 13 at the time, explained.

@oreo milkshake was se*ualized in high school when she was 13 years old. When she wore her glasses, boys said she looked like Mia Khalifa.

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The video, which has been seen over 8 million times, has captured the attention of many people, including Mia Khalifa. In reaction, the media star, who had previously worked as a pornographic actress, dueted with the TikToker while listening to the narrative and cried. “Please accept my heartfelt apologies. For this reason, I no longer wear them.” Mia added a caption to her video.


13 #foryou #MyColoredHair #JuntosImparables #FordMaverick #youwereonly17c i g a r e t t e d a y d r e a m s – ᴀᴜᴅɪᴏs

“I’m sorry; I don’t wear them anymore because of this.” Mia wrote a caption for her TikTok video.

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Unsurprisingly, commentators on Mia’s video expressed sympathy for the 28-year-old for publicly regretting her time in the porn industry. “It’s not your fault, babe,” says the narrator. Someone made a comment. “No, you don’t understand,” said @Oreo milkshake in response. It was never your fault in the first place. You’re a powerful woman. Mia, we all adore you.”


#duet with @oreo_mlkshake I’m so sorry. I don’t wear them anymore for this reason.c i g a r e t t e d a y d r e a m s – ᴀᴜᴅɪᴏs

The 28-year-old had previously expressed regret for her time in the pornographic profession, so it’s no wonder she was upset about the situation.


Mia’s plight was sympathised with by commenters, like @ore- milkshake, who claimed it wasn’t her fault and she shouldn’t feel awful.

Many individuals felt that the males who se*ualized a 13-year-old was to a fault, not Mia. Mia thanks everyone for their support on her Instagram Story. “Thank you,” she wrote. I’m aware of this, but the guilt is terrible. I wish I had the power to shield every little girl from masculine sight. I know how it feels when males harass me in public, and it irritates me that other girls are subjected to the same treatment simply because they look like me.”

“I wish I had the power to shield every little girl from masculine sight. When men abuse me in public, I know how I feel.” Mia remarked in a recent Instagram storey update.


Following the Beirut explosion, Mia auctioned the glasses she worn during her three-month pornography career to raise donations for Lebanon’s Red Cross. They apparently sold for around $100,000 in total.

Without a doubt, the males who se*ualized a 13-year-old girl are to fault, not Mia.