‘My Daughter Started Her Period On The Bus Today. If You Are This Boy’s Mom I Want To Say Thank You’

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Puberty is one delicate time that has the power to shape a teenagers adult life. The spike in hormonal levels usually responsible for a host of physical and emotional changes can be overwhelming to teenagers.  For some, these changes come unanticipated and can be quite embarrassing at times, however, if you are lucky enough you might have someone saving you from those haunting moments that you wished they never existed.

A Reddit thread ‘Little humans being bros’ shared the story of one grateful mother whose daughter was saved by a compassionate boy a grade above her. In an embarrassing moment that could have otherwise gotten worse, the boy came in just in time in a kind gesture that should be emulated by all future men. Scroll down through the whole story that will melt your heart.

Puberty is one delicate time that has the power to shape a teenager’s adult life.

however, sometimes there are people around to help you make the most of an embarrassing situation.

everyone agreed with her and were impressed with the kid.

some women opened up about their first time embarrassing moments.

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