People Are Doing The ‘Bird Box Challenge’ After Watching It On Netflix

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The Sandra Bullock fronted Netflix film and meme mine reveals a world where venturing outdoors without a blindfold means facing a horrifying death.

Differing somewhat from other survivor group movies, the regulation supermarket supplies run is made even more perilous by the fact that nobody can see where they are going. A klutz such as myself would no doubt last around two minutes, birds or no birds.

From the moment Malorie (Bullock) delivers her stark warning to Boy and Girl about the gruelling, blindfolded mission ahead of them, viewers became certain this was a reality no-one would ever choose. Or would they

Although it is perfectly safe this New Year’s Day to fling open your front door and gaze around at your 2019 surroundings, this doesn’t mean you can’t immerse yourself in the full Malorie experience.

Fans of the tense new scream fest have shown their appreciation through the #BirdBoxChallenge, a viral challenge whereby participants try to carry out various tasks while blindfolded, often with hilariously uncoordinated results.

These attempts are of course filmed and shared online, and – although lacking Bullock’s tough yet vulnerable portrayal – they have proved to be worthy sources of entertainment in their own right.

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