People In Sweden Are Upgrading Their Hands With Microchip, And It Makes Us A Little Scared

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Thousands of Swedes are being implanted with a microchip that contains details about their identity. People get this chip surgically inserted between their thumb and index finger which then replaces all plastic cards, keys, and other things that people usually have to carry with them. According to Daily Mail, this number has risen to more than 4,000 people and it’s still growing.

The main things about this chip:

1. It replaces all electronic wallets, bank cards, travel cards, and different key cards. You can use it to pay by simply touching a terminal with your hand.

2. It’s as small as a grain of rice.

3. Its price together with the procedure is $180. Some companies even offer this service to their employees.

4. It doesn’t have a GPS tracker, so a person cannot be tracked.

Scientists think that this device opens a door for the people from Sweden to the new digital age. Besides, it is really convenient.

How it looks (you can’t really see it):

If you press it, you can see this: