20 People Who Are Seriously Confused About Fashion


The way someone is dressed is usually one of the first things you notice about them. Clothes play an important role in defining a person’s personality, and everyone has their own particular style preferences. While some of these may appear unusual, others are simply hilarious. However, clothing is a means for people to express themselves, and we shouldn’t criticize their style based on how different it is from runway fashion.

Is this the Pigeon Lady from the sequel to Home Alone?

© pikabu

Kyoto Ohata, a Japanese shoemaker, produced pigeon shoes that combine feathers with footwear.

Can you put it together by yourself?

© Tilda0210/imgur

You don’t just stroll into IKEA with your girlfriend.

When you’re undecided about what to wear.

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Shorts with long sleeves are ready. You wanted a long-sleeved shirt, right?

Guy in pepperoni pants and a Britney Spears top with a hubcap

© KumJackson/imgur

He must be your most ardent supporter, Britney.

Arriving at your yoga session in a ladylike manner.


Your hands will be free to hold your tiaras and jewellery if you carry your yoga mat on your head.

Boots that are suitable for both deserts and ski slopes.

© Poor_cReddit/reddit

These types of shoes are worn by Mexican guys in a sarcastic and humorous manner.

I’m not sure if he’s a satyr or a hipster.

© BillShatner/imgur

In all that phoney fur, he must be toasty.

A cross between a model and a traffic cone.

© papachubby55/imgur

It’s possible that the designer spent too much time in geometry class.

He’s attempting to keep up with multiple fashion trends at the same time.

© playtimecares/instagram

Whatever occurs in Africa remains in Africa.

Denim flip-flop boots

© etsy

Which pair of shoes would you prefer: UGGs, Crocs, or these?

“I just acquired these at work… Christ’s fashion.”

© fontizmo/imgur

Where does he work, and why is there such a strict clothing code?

“I’m not sure where the jacket starts and the hair finishes.”

© hunta/imgur

Poor Wookiee…

What makes him think he’d bring this equipment to a concert?

© pikabu

Hardcore. Hardstyle.

Fish flops

© sean_w_harry/instagram

Tuna or salmon, which do you prefer?

You start prioritising comfort over fashion at some point in your life.

She’s dressed casually with a jean jacket. Literally.

© imgur

Refashioning old denim is not a good idea. Simply purchase a new jacket.

The only reasonable answer is this.

© imgur

Is he really bending to pull his phone out of his pocket?

So many questions.

© imgur

Are those unicorns on his shorts and underpants the same?

Fashion should express how you feel and where you want to go.

She’s taking a step backwards.

Grocery shopping in a pepita design from head to toe.

© DavidDawish/imgur

We have a hunch their clothing aren’t coordinated.

So fashion!

© starkart/imgur

In any case, the cat is attractive.

Do you think you’d be bold enough to wear any of the costumes we’ve shown you? Or have you ever seen someone dressed in such opulence? Leave your thoughts and images in the comments section!

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